"Feminist German Studies" is a website designed by Katrina Sark with the support of the Coalition of Women in German.


This site is designed to serve as an online database and archive of links, articles, course and pedagogical tools, and other resources for German teachers and students interested in intersectional feminism and gender studies in the German-speaking countries.


It includes links for German, Austrian, and Swiss feminist writers, filmmakers, activists, journalists, and artists. It also includes pedagogical resources to help integrate feminist and gender issues into all German Studies courses. 


This is a site with collaborative input and open access, with lots of resources that promote feminist German Studies in Canada, the U.S., and beyond. Big thanks to everyone who helped compile the information, resources, and images! 


Suggestions and feedback are welcome on our Contact page.  


PHOTO CREDIT: K. Sark, Berlin, Ephraim Palais, 2016