Student Projects

PHOTO CREDIT: K. Sark, Berlin, Berliner Strasse, 2014

Sydney Carter - The Yugoslav Wars
Tia Blosmanis-Lund  - Russian, German, and English Swearword -
Origins and Usage
Will Budz - Queer Ukraine
Sayre Potter - LGBTQ Rights in Germany
Sébastien Streit - Objectification and Hip Hop
Jesse Bachmann - Metal and Feminism
Tia Blosmanis-Lund  - U.S. Freedom of Speech vs. Canadian Freedom of Expression
Rayan Kezouit - A History of Fake News
Darren Reid - Russian Colonialism
Alex Ages - Accessible Academia
Sarah Mayer - The Moral Authority
Devon Bidal - The Allyship
Linaya Bertschi - We Who Walk
Joyti Birk - Iranian Media
Tanner Lorenson and Jazz Chodak - We Speak Translate Campaign Video
Meera Mathew, Victoria Modi and Sammy Wood-Gaines - Online Activism
Spencer Burns and Kyle Johannsen - Partners in Progress